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What damage has been done? We haven’t even left yet !! Do you believe every prediction you read? If so, according to many the world has supposedly ended multiple times throughout history !! As it happens, I voted to remain, because the young people around me said it was their future & they wanted to […]

Regain parliamentary sovereignty. He has not blocked Brexit, it is trying to block a new deal Brexit, there is a difference. David Pitchford this is pathetic. 48/52 something so close should NEVER be followed through. And that wasn’t even for no deal! People quite rightly are not going to let this country hell in a […]

That is what the people of this country voted for – to leave the EU. Don Evans Yes and that is their job but not to go against the wishes of the electorate. We voted to leave and the majority of MP’s are trying to stop us leaving. They are the very MP’s that voted […]

However many people objected because of A: the amount they were going to charge for them and B: the amount of personal data about you that the San Francisco 49ers girl I am who I am your approval isn’t needed shirt to store on the chip. The reason travel insurance is so cheap is being […]

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