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Top Georgia Football kicking ass and taking names shirt

Nestle manufactured Smarties, Coffee Crisp, Kit Kat etc in exclusively nut-free facilities. They were actually going to change that in about 1994 by combining product lines to include nut-based candies, but there was such a backlash by the public they reversed their decision. A terrible terrible tragedy, but if I read the story correctly, he […]

Black woman I am who I am your approval isn’t needed shirt

He worked in a Construction Environment. He did a two-week placement in a big construction firm locally in an office environment in a design department. He’s got a place at uni on a part-time course to do an HNC in Construction Management and on the days off he’s on-site. He has his project building two […]

My husband promised to love me in sickness and in health he kept that promise Jack And Sally shirt

Good luck to everyone involved in A-Level results today! The course seemed a great idea at the time but even for a straight-A student, it left my son woefully unprepared for a degree course in Mechanical Engineering. He had to leave after the first year. My son is just waiting for the results of a […]

No one will ever ever ever love you more than Jesus and your dog shirt

This issue has confused me completely. But if we have to see the hand of God in everything, then God is at work mysteriously because there will be a time those who do not want to leave their seeds behind will be no more. Then things will be different I think. You wanna protect the […]

Bon Jovi It’s my life it’s now or never shirt

The price of runaway materialism and disposable one-time use planned obsolescence among other things. There are billions of people on the planet. You can find a group of people who believe that we all live in a video game and the world will reset every 5000 years. Like, I literally met one online yesterday. Did […]