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Hilton having lived and worked in other countries I’ve found that Britain puts up with far more, stiff upper lip and all that. Our councils must start to be punished for providing poor service, you wouldn’t stand for it if your carwash service left dirt behind, or your supermarket sold nothing but bad out of […]

Women themselves are not comfortable with that too. So don’t jump here to blame the men after watching a 3 mins video. Sad that the country is considered “conservative” but harasses 90% of its commuting women… the hypocrisy of tradition and religion which keep the women in check but can’t stop or turning blind to […]

They can’t be trusted with a National Insurance number let alone anything more exciting like a passport. And frankly, if it is anything like the Denver Broncos Snoopy Charlie Brown Woodstock shirt at Manchester there’ll be even less hope. Considering the chip passport facial recognition machines they have now go wrong or don’t work most […]

The funny thing is my children had beds, my son who was 11 at the Horror Halloween is my Christmas shirt had his very own king size, my twins had bunk beds! I’ve heard some horror stories about social services., they don’t deserve the abuse. I can see why people would be angry if the […]

If the chicken box had been Black and White Abbott and Lammy would still have shouted Racist. What % of knife crime is carried out by Black youths? I’m sure the BBC could get those figures from the I’m a Beatle fan in case of emergency call paul or ringo shirt. if they so wished. […]

It’s not just one culture or race that eats chicken or uses fast food outlets, this is not a racial issue, like the threat of chlorinated chicken it affects everyone! That politician should shut up and stop using the I’m a stones fan in case of emergency call Mick or Keith shirt at every opportunity […]

What you gonna do let them die while you hope to find a solution? Oh, and it’s not abused to save a life feeding tubes are forced when need be by doctors so don’t try that line. Again its people like you that lead to this poor kid being blind for life while they tried […]

Pathetic, some of the responses on here. If someone had drowned while the lifeboat had been attending this I doubt it would make much to the clowns on here but to the volunteer crews, it would have been heartbreaking. I hope the people responsible for this have the common decency to refund the Lawrence Taylor […]

What a load of old rubbish from the Swedish Viking shirt, yet more Brexit bashing with a nonstory. Distillation takes a few hours at that stage the whiskey is colorless, it is the traditional aging process than gives it color and various flavor characteristics comes from the wooden casks it is stored in, that takes […]