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 Sanctions should be on the items which are exporting from Iran to Iraq. And on the other side open new gates not from Iran for exporting to Iraq, because Iran’s lung is Iraq.  That’s one way to put the blame on us and completely leave out why there are sanctions in the 18 Years Of […]

Kirby Styles were wonderful! So we agree. These people should come here legally and apply for whatever visa they want to acquire the right way. Those who were arrested for breaking the law should be given a court date and hopefully, they will show up. If not, they should be arrested again and deported. No […]

No one is trying to take away guns just restrict freaking AKs, M4 weapons that are designed to kill a large number fast, and without having to reload or have large-capacity magazines. Prayers are always nice but this isn’t God’s departments it’s man’s free will. Penny GB there are strict laws. Good law-abiding citizens follow […]

The cost of this project is just out of Auckland… doesn’t sound right or smells right. It started initially with 10 billion £ around 100 billion…crazy…other nations have built similar projects in more challenging landscapes for less. Many people have questioned why we needed it in the first place. So much money has been wasted […]

As the saying goes.. its no use having a knife in your hand if your head is already in the tiger’s mouth! Corbyn’s idea of fighting a tiger is, lets sit down and talk about this, as long as there is a no-deal taken off the table!!  Four weeks ago he and many others of […]

American Spirits are organic tobacco and nothing else and have a plant-based biodegradable filter. I smoke but I cut way down and feel better about the choice of these. I know several smokers who have a container to put their butts in. It is annoying when people just throw them down. The 33 Tony Dorsett […]

Self-protection from immigrants, change, people and cultures that are different from them, what fox news tells them they need to be afraid of. I keep praying but I don’t seem to have hit on the right god yet. It’s a very long list but I’m working my way through it. I’m sure this will all […]

Shun your hypocrisy first and then the world will be a better place.  Oh no, here comes the climate change BS again. Listen and listen clearly, the US will not redistribute their wealth throughout the world so get on your high horse, take out your progressive globalist destructive government and work like hell to better […]

Or I would put the butts into the outer cellophane of the cigarette pack. It’s easier to quit.I hate how smokers don’t put their butts in the packet but leave them on the ground. Saw a kookaburra eat one at Mt Eliza one day as a person had not bothered to use an ashtray. Thank […]

Christ, you’re another leave voter completely blinded by facts, aren’t you? This current state of the EU was not what. We voted to get into all those years ago. It sometimes seems it’s out of control now. They do not want us to leave they like our money too much. I think we pay in […]

It seems to happen a lot, some very clever people in IT. Recruits from across the Sea maybe, I don’t mean Europe I think a bit farther afield than that. Much publicity and paid for. Publicity I cannot get. Watch the space I’m winning the Nobel peace prize for Britain and Britain got talent and […]

Looking at the pictures you can see that the fires are in areas where trees have already been felled. He encouraged loggers and farmers to do this, now he’s scared. But if we care about the Ah propaneya bobby damn ya shirt this will have each Country must plant more trees of their own, not […]

But stop spurting utter shite that we want to keep prawn cocktails crisps and bendy bananas……. because you have been sent up the river on a Tory Austerity cover-up cruise to protect the thieving bankers and the American subprime housing loan crash …. that is why Britain is in a mess and has nothing to […]

Why not just sell her child a degree and have done with it. It’s less of an issue with any particular student being smart enough, and much more of an issue with how much better than the best one needs to be. Having good grades and passing tests are only a portion of what colleges […]

We are then left with what we think may or may not be true.  Pizzagate was leaked in Hillary’s emails. There is a pizza place that had an underground seller for the elite pedophile network. Also used codes based on pizza toppings for young boys/young girls including sexual acts. It may or may not be […]

Democracy didn’t stop with the 2016 vote, democracy means you can change your mind. It was three years ago and nothing is happening, we need to move on. Another referendum will put this to bed if it’s still out then so be it, if its remain then so be it, all the people would have […]

There was a report recently that a lot of pleasure craft were going to fall foul of new H&S legislation. This would see them removed from the river and the Ayrton Senna 1960 1994 legends never die shirt. Some of these boats are veterans of Dunkerque and have been plying their trade for decades without […]

What about justice for the Africans being sold as slaves to this day in Libya? Or is that a lie? Especially in Africa, I think India had it worse off than anywhere in Africa. This statement is very telling about your actual motive here. Even still, this will never happen because the Black flag family […]

It’s a propaganda campaign of fake news and interface in internal matters of an Indian state…. look elsewhere to find real issues instead of running propaganda campaigns.  As far as China occupied Hongkong, China Occupied Tibet, Pakistan Baluchistan, British occupied Scotland and British Occupied Ireland is a concern; No, we didn’t push it to the […]

  I’m sorry that the United States is to blame for every problem in Iran. Iran held Americans hostage and sanctions were put into place, maybe their government needs to change? They spew hate to my country, threaten Israel, and attack our allies. They obviously are able to take care of their own.  So capturing American […]

China’s behavior is a wake-up call to the rest of the world. China has great economic clout, but its political system and foreign policy are the antitheses of western values. China uses this method to intermediate business and forces them to change consumers’ perceptions that Hong Kong is a subject of China, therefore, the CCP […]

Maybe you shouldn’t but this 5th place in the biggest economies wouldn’t happen. It would appear that you are one of those individuals that would argue that snow wasn’t white. A little like a politician. Are you a politician? If so I wouldn’t vote for you! Jonathan Millbank You like to read into these ‘ […]

I hope your kids can’t hear you cos that’ll be another generation of “not my job” spouters! just because we have street cleaners etc doesn’t mean we can’t help to look after our community especially when we have so many people who have little or no moral conscience when it comes to Bruce Springsteen 55th […]

Clean needles were given out 35 years ago in Australia and people told how to clean needles too ! All pregnant women given HIV tests before birth , and prostitution legalised , and women’s health monitored monthly by Doctors Brothels opened making it a safer place and taking the pumps out of the equation!  Where […]

Conversely millions overeat often consuming unnecessary amounts of fast foods possibly for almost the same reason …As a cursory look at the queues that form at all hours at fast food outlets…Of course, it’s people’s choice. What the Buford TJustice what the hell is the world coming to vintage shirt! My kids were fussy eaters […]

Please do not use dead babies as a legitimate argument for more gun control when the underlying message is gun confiscation. Constitutionalists and libertarians have a difficult time listening to morality lectures coming from abortionists. St Louis is looking more and more like Chiraq everyday. Truly sad… but Amazon is hardly responsible for 20% of […]

Sanitizing the language of war or playing up divisive issues are examples of manipulation that goes beyond fact-checking. Who decides what is fake news regarding politics. Figures and events are always perceived differently from different parts of the political spectrum and often are based on assumptions about events yet to occur. The media especially unbiased […]

You have been completely taken in by the propaganda. Brexit is about protecting the very wealthy from having to pay tax on their wealth. Wake up!!! What about what they give to us? Read up on it before you make remarks that make you look like you’re repeating the same old things. Read up on […]

So he was guilty. He wasted all that money, all that taxpayers money too. For what to fight a minor offence that he was found guilty of anyway. Millions of children are currently starving to death in man-made famines thanks to our arms deals with blacklisted countries like Saudi Arabia you have the audacity to […]

How do you have online followers if you gave up electricity and modern life altogether? Don’t have to become a monk to live a better life. but evidently, you must be autistic, to be honest. As a Muslim, we respect all religions and it Hinduism Islam would not ask us this kind of thing it […]

Of all, not spying on individual people for the sake of ads. I can tell you right now I’m pretty sure knowing I don’t want to be found by every corporation out there. Google knows. This is about the safety you come into our store to buy a certain brand of soap and shampoo isn’t […]

My daughter was inoculated against four diseases in one sitting and the biggest problem was the sting from the needle. Maybe I am one of the lucky parents but please, please do not take your advice in medicine from an unqualified individual that had a stupid idea. The Dodgers The Dodgers Abbey road signature shirt […]

These sanctions are aimed to make people rebel against their government, but with a regime like Iran, this will never happen because the regime is ready to open mass graves for anyone dears to challenge the power of ayatollah! The Donald Trump literally anyone else 2020 shirt is people pay the price! I know little […]

Hope this video inspires the African nations. This is brilliant. I hope it gets scaled out to as much of the war-riddled regions in sub-Saharan Africa as possible. It will take a lot of research, funding, Downton Abbey all character signatures shirt or governmental commitment, and community mobilization, but it can be scaled out.  I […]

As a kid, I never understood how people could allow the holocaust to happen right in front of them. Now, I’m seeing it with my own eyes. It’s disgusting. Chris Topher that’s one hell of an observation but it’s still illegal bottom line come here legally get documented legally you can stay here legally that’s […]

This is the problem with this Hollywood mentality that money can buy or fix anything no wonder most have zero morals and integrity coz those values are priceless. She should learn as parents you can only support, guide and that’s the best way to prepare and empower the Drink Like a Viking Drinking Horn shirt […]

Like my president, Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria is not blocking us because he knows what democracy means. The twitter is a social media plaform where everyone has the right to comment on what is happening with what the Emma Watson It’s MimOsa not MimosA shirt of the country is saying and doing if the user […]

The system is made 2 clean the public police ombud who are police.never ever brought there mates 2 justice or have the power 2 do so.solicitors snakes with washed-out suits.are paid 2 protect the system not there clients.u are one in millions the rest stay quiet with fear of these thugs.prisons are kept full by […]

It’s is so amazing that people comment on here who probably don’t play professional tennis have no idea what it takes to be a professional sportsperson and have not had a hip operation and are able to get back into a professional sport when it’s so difficult to get into in the first place. The […]