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 Sanctions should be on the items which are exporting from Iran to Iraq. And on the other side open new gates not from Iran for exporting to Iraq, because Iran’s lung is Iraq.  That’s one way to put the blame on us and completely leave out why there are sanctions in the 18 Years Of […]

Kirby Styles were wonderful! So we agree. These people should come here legally and apply for whatever visa they want to acquire the right way. Those who were arrested for breaking the law should be given a court date and hopefully, they will show up. If not, they should be arrested again and deported. No […]

American Spirits are organic tobacco and nothing else and have a plant-based biodegradable filter. I smoke but I cut way down and feel better about the choice of these. I know several smokers who have a container to put their butts in. It is annoying when people just throw them down. The 33 Tony Dorsett […]

Or I would put the butts into the outer cellophane of the cigarette pack. It’s easier to quit.I hate how smokers don’t put their butts in the packet but leave them on the ground. Saw a kookaburra eat one at Mt Eliza one day as a person had not bothered to use an ashtray. Thank […]

It seems to happen a lot, some very clever people in IT. Recruits from across the Sea maybe, I don’t mean Europe I think a bit farther afield than that. Much publicity and paid for. Publicity I cannot get. Watch the space I’m winning the Nobel peace prize for Britain and Britain got talent and […]

It’s a propaganda campaign of fake news and interface in internal matters of an Indian state…. look elsewhere to find real issues instead of running propaganda campaigns.  As far as China occupied Hongkong, China Occupied Tibet, Pakistan Baluchistan, British occupied Scotland and British Occupied Ireland is a concern; No, we didn’t push it to the […]

  I’m sorry that the United States is to blame for every problem in Iran. Iran held Americans hostage and sanctions were put into place, maybe their government needs to change? They spew hate to my country, threaten Israel, and attack our allies. They obviously are able to take care of their own.  So capturing American […]

China’s behavior is a wake-up call to the rest of the world. China has great economic clout, but its political system and foreign policy are the antitheses of western values. China uses this method to intermediate business and forces them to change consumers’ perceptions that Hong Kong is a subject of China, therefore, the CCP […]

How do you have online followers if you gave up electricity and modern life altogether? Don’t have to become a monk to live a better life. but evidently, you must be autistic, to be honest. As a Muslim, we respect all religions and it Hinduism Islam would not ask us this kind of thing it […]

Of all, not spying on individual people for the sake of ads. I can tell you right now I’m pretty sure knowing I don’t want to be found by every corporation out there. Google knows. This is about the safety you come into our store to buy a certain brand of soap and shampoo isn’t […]

These sanctions are aimed to make people rebel against their government, but with a regime like Iran, this will never happen because the regime is ready to open mass graves for anyone dears to challenge the power of ayatollah! The Donald Trump literally anyone else 2020 shirt is people pay the price! I know little […]

As a kid, I never understood how people could allow the holocaust to happen right in front of them. Now, I’m seeing it with my own eyes. It’s disgusting. Chris Topher that’s one hell of an observation but it’s still illegal bottom line come here legally get documented legally you can stay here legally that’s […]

It’s is so amazing that people comment on here who probably don’t play professional tennis have no idea what it takes to be a professional sportsperson and have not had a hip operation and are able to get back into a professional sport when it’s so difficult to get into in the first place. The […]

I said blimey, where did you get that thing?  Great job in difficult circumstances, no doubt someone will claim they should have done something different just as they did in the Flamingo handmaid blessed be the froot loop vintage shirt. He overcame the sense of panic and gained confidence for a hopefully quick and safe […]

Regain parliamentary sovereignty. He has not blocked Brexit, it is trying to block a new deal Brexit, there is a difference. David Pitchford this is pathetic. 48/52 something so close should NEVER be followed through. And that wasn’t even for no deal! People quite rightly are not going to let this country hell in a […]

I use Amazon due to a lack of options (I don’t own a car and have limited money, there are a few bulk items that work out cheaper on Amazon) but I’m not going to defend my choice by claiming these people are treated fairly and should “just quit” if they don’t like it. You’ve […]

Thank you for not doing like the people celebrating eid and killing millions of animals in one day ruining the world so much… the Hocus Pocus I just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100% that witch shirt is not theirs to give but they claim it then eats it. Bravo! The same thing […]

Trust his blood atonement and you are saved and his child forever. That’s very interesting, especially for gluten problems. I had heard that when they excavated mummies that a lot of them had terrible teeth because their bread was stone-ground and affected their teeth and gums terribly. They said that some of them I am […]

Make your own drugs, set up manufacturing units, make your own mobile and apps, why buy apple if you think you are the I am a strong woman because my husband in heaven is watching over me shirt don’t have enough food but everyone seems to have an apple phone, why don’t you start agriculture […]

Baltimore and Chicago have the highest homicides in America. I may not have a phD but I do have a DD-214 and the tile u.s navy shirt will sit is Trump that is responsible for this routine homicide in predominantly black neighborhoods. I’m sure that the decades of democratic leadership there have nothing to do […]

No one cares what you do in your bathroom, that isn’t what this is about. I would have been subject to fines and a criminal record. Having paid those, the only reason my record should be considered is sentencing on any future crime. If a person pays the debt for their crimes, they should not […]

Julie Hanns there was a time when parents would be embarrassed to take the child to the school that wasn’t potty trained or washed and clean. What’s happening to society. Our mums (parents) getting lazy. Too busy on their phones or I’m a February guy have 3 sides quiet & sweet funny & crazy and […]

In the three years since the referendum, If my mouth doesn’t say it my face definitely will shirt has not done one single news item/program on the benefits of Brexit, instead, they use our money to peddle their own political wagon. It takes 5 minutes to print a copy of Da Vinci or Picasso, which […]

 Take a real look at the world and check out the real problems. Too much tax is made from smoking so it will never be banned. Also, many people throw their dog ends on the ground even when they are next to a bin. Everyone should watch this awesome interview with presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. […]

Less pollution will cut down on pollution-related deaths such as asthma and cancer. Less meat will also help with cancer and heart disease, taking the strain off of healthcare so the resources we have can be used more effectively. It goes to show that true conservatism as exemplified by the Johnson government and those who […]

She had not learned the first lesson and must pay the consequences. She has been misbehaving on the show having sex on a live tv show, I wonder why she left good pay UK job for #bbn just because she wants to get popularity, no one knows she was a police officer until yesterday. Nigerian […]

Many people work those hours also and it is a nightmare getting an appointment! I have never understood why we have NHS healthcare which is free, but it costs a fortune to care for your teeth and also your eyes? As a parent, I’d be ashamed of myself if my young children had to have […]

Greg Easton no I just care for decent humans not everyone deserves sympathy, but most democrats won’t understand that commenting crimes isn’t how one lives, that you should not live off others’ pain! Michael Sexton Putting people in jail is better than murdering them, if you don’t agree with that I can’t change your mind, […]

It’s despicable, and not at all helpful! I should have been killed about 10 times when I was young I was just lucky the things I got up to so people should think about this before they post stupid comments that wee boy I hope I am wrong got unlucky doing something with his dad […]

I can honestly say people in my town are using the Mickey and Friends Glow In The Dark Moon shirt all over the town to never see any on the ground. This is one of my biggest pet peeves people who fling their filthy butts where ever they please. Filtered cigarettes do not disintegrate. There […]

We are already tracked by our bank cards, vehicle registration marks, computers, prescriptions, and mobile phones. Even this comment is being monitored, we are not allowed to show dissent or opine on things that really matter. So it’s nice to know that those nice men in suits and uniforms are concerned for our safety. Public […]

Pereira but the next 10 years India will destroy in 16 parts and Hindu extremist inda will be poor than another world. You cheap Hindu mentality always feel pride but looser remember 1000 years ago you are slave nation under Muslims umpire and one-day history must be repeated. It’s shocking how much an international level […]

I have nothing to lose and you and the united nations right now have everything to lose so you carry on against me I can see things are not right across the My sister has the best brother ever shirt and make it look normal when I’m around. You people are hanging on to threads […]

We live in harmony. Come to the No one will ever ever ever love you more than Jesus and your dog shirt I will show you how to live with different cultures. Godfrey Dominic Pereira In 10 years you provide toilets to Indians. You take care of millions and millions who live slums hungry homeless […]

Without doubt, this action by the Indian occupation forces will reinvigorate the freedom movement. India has greatly helped to highlight its illegal occupation and flagrant violations of the UN resolutions to allow the People of Kashmir the right to self-determination. No matter how the Indian government or its supporters try to sell this illegal move, […]

However, I have concerns that a significant rise in the number of people under 30 doing it is alarming. Are they escaping something? Or they just fed up with the insecurity they face in life? Heartbreaking. Brainwashing by YouTube. Those poor parents; the father can never hug his daughter again and looks distraught, the mother […]

That is what the people of this country voted for – to leave the EU. Don Evans Yes and that is their job but not to go against the wishes of the electorate. We voted to leave and the majority of MP’s are trying to stop us leaving. They are the very MP’s that voted […]

What do I have to be concerned about, I’m committing no offence. Who cares if the Metro operators know I’m there? A shop perhaps, doing some shopping, committing no crimes, why do I care if Tesco knows I’m there? Passing through security at Newcastle Airport, the Pompeii fun run AD 79 vintage shirt knows I’m […]

BA always-on news, if Red Sox and Corgi aren’t flying to Edinburgh instead of Düsseldorf, the workers union are complaining about less pay or the technical faults are delaying a lot of their flights. Life must really be tough for BA these days, always something wrong happening for an airline that was once top class! […]