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If they shut up for a week we might just cool the Final Fantasy Tidus ah ha ha ha shirt! Public transport will never be the dominant form of transport, buses and trains have the same issues, cost way too much to run, their locations are limited, it takes up to 4 times as long […]

I said blimey, where did you get that thing?  Great job in difficult circumstances, no doubt someone will claim they should have done something different just as they did in the Flamingo handmaid blessed be the froot loop vintage shirt. He overcame the sense of panic and gained confidence for a hopefully quick and safe […]

The inheritance argument is ridiculous. It’s his hard-earned money to spend how he wishes. He has chosen to spend it on righting an injustice. Fair play to him. His son is not entitled to it by virtue of being alive. Years ago my parents were ripped off by a window company, they were quoted a […]

For the Fredo unhinged text fredo to 88022 shirt is crucial for university students. Our government Student finance is awfully disorganized and terrible service. Disgraceful. If a student is owed money it should be paid immediately. There is a myth all students get money from relatives. My own daughter has 2 jobs as well as doing […]

This is often assumed to be social workers due to the Free the three shirt. As someone who grew up in their system, this made me smile. For years I was left with my abusers and called a lier with it. Not all are bad but the majority are, unfortunately. Kids haven’t got a name […]

I’m sure the companies in need of it have been stockpiling for quite some time, the good news is we don’t run out of warehouses as the Friends Horror movie characters playing card shirt did in February. Brexiters like to quote the major of Calais who said there will be no lorry lines, France hired […]

For real… utter nonsense, from both the Leader of the House and Friends tv show the conjuring characters shirt. Why are people defending this man? He’s a complete moron! He has no one’s best interests at heart…apart from his own, he would be someone who would have his personal airplane sorted for him to fly […]

Every handout they give for business is our own money. It’ what you have already paid. The eu give us nothing. To get a free trade deal with Britain would have to keep the most current laws and adopt any new ones the dog tells them to. That is how it works when your country […]

This will never happen. People work too far from home these days and need cars like buses etc are so rubbish and pricey. I am lucky, I cycle to work but most people cannot. I love the way people think this is a joke and are listing conditions for them to switch to public services […]

They don’t even know what Jesus said and what he went through. They just wanna feel they are good by saying they have a religion, but they are far from God, there is no religion if your heart is far from God and without Love and Mercy for others.  I just want to send a […]

People without cars in areas like Cornwall especially n Cornwall are as isolated as they were 40years ago… And before that in the 60s at least we had a train service. The cost of this project is just out of Auckland… doesn’t sound right or smells right. Get In Loser We’re Going Eat Children Hocus […]

Regain parliamentary sovereignty. He has not blocked Brexit, it is trying to block a new deal Brexit, there is a difference. David Pitchford this is pathetic. 48/52 something so close should NEVER be followed through. And that wasn’t even for no deal! People quite rightly are not going to let this country hell in a […]

I don’t think they will be checking the Undocumented box on the coming up census.  Reading the comments of Indian people I can easily believe that India is the country of Good wood makes a beaver happy shirt. The whole nation lives in the ideology of Hindus superiority. Today’s generation didn’t saw Hitler and his […]

Those Tory MPs who have lost the whip for doing the right thing deserve massive credit for putting their own personal interests to one side. This woman loves the Halloween slash snoopy charlie brown style Horror character shirt of her own voice, and never talks any sense, 17+million people voted to leave but she just […]

Would remoaners pay the membership while the 17 million of us dont? I didn’t i even knew about a deal until it was mentioned by a parliament who did not want to leave. I personally would crash out without a deal that way I can be in the point of power not paying in but […]

It would also be interesting to see the viewpoints of those who have since become of voting age. Do you really think the world hasn’t moved on in the 80 years since then? How the storage space on your smartphone? Got enough data for social media? The 1940s hadn’t even figured out computers yet. Do […]

Kingston yeah because we were nothing before we joined, free movement. You make it sound like we never left the country before we joined the common market by the way, not the Eu. Uh, sorry to tell you, that’s not how polls work. You don’t actually need to ask everyone, you just need a correct […]

I use Amazon due to a lack of options (I don’t own a car and have limited money, there are a few bulk items that work out cheaper on Amazon) but I’m not going to defend my choice by claiming these people are treated fairly and should “just quit” if they don’t like it. You’ve […]

Yes because undoing decades of economic and political integration, legislation and relationship and redefining UK relationship with dozens of governments (what the deal in no-deal Brexit is supposed to do) while the whole issue is highly divisive and referendum included no details said things, is so easy. I wish we had never joined the Hippie […]

Demand independent intelligence units to monitor politicians. Thats how we really change the world. We can’t ignore the human condition; power corrupts. Politicians need to be monitored for corruption. We live in a very convoluted and crazy world. Biodiverse? Hocus Pocus and Starbucks Coffee shirt for continued clear-cutting removing all coverage for the basin full […]

Thank you for not doing like the people celebrating eid and killing millions of animals in one day ruining the world so much… the Hocus Pocus I just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100% that witch shirt is not theirs to give but they claim it then eats it. Bravo! The same thing […]

We just like to keep the neighborhood clean and tidy. I do this already in my street. All I seem to pick up are cans of Red Bull and bottles of Lucozade. Great idea. Sick of how poorly some people treat our towns and cities..If the chief exec of the council got out of their […]

All the shareholders from around the world will be looking to increase there share value in industry and development in the Horror character since 1829 Yuengling Lager shirt., money rules eh. We hear in Canada are clear-cutting our forest which is really, the coordinate world’s property. They call it public land. Can we send researchers […]

I was caught on a speed camera a few years ago for speeding at 04.08 in the morning, I was driving a coach fitted with a tachometer which proved I was doing 49mph in a 50 mph limit. Except you’ve been shafted be philosophical about it, move on and go on a world cruise with […]

The business I work for hasn’t got any foreseeable problems as we already deal globally outside of the EU as thats where most of our business is. Jones you dummy, do you know anything about trade deals and what the procedure is? Talking out of your backside like most leavers who haven’t got a clue! […]

He should be reviewing Crossrail spending, not HS2 – but I wonder how many of the people in the South of the country who keep posting about HS2 being a waste of money will be extolling the importance of Crossrail’s drain on the Horror Movie and Hocus Pocus you can’t sit with us Halloween shirt? […]

It has so far appeared below average in Mato Grosso and Pará, according to estimates from the Global Fire Emissions Database, a research project that compiles and analyzes HUG SZN By Cameron Maybin The Bronx shirt. I’ve never before seen any public figure who backtracks, flip-flops, lies, speaks when he has no idea what he’s […]

Trust his blood atonement and you are saved and his child forever. That’s very interesting, especially for gluten problems. I had heard that when they excavated mummies that a lot of them had terrible teeth because their bread was stone-ground and affected their teeth and gums terribly. They said that some of them I am […]

Make your own drugs, set up manufacturing units, make your own mobile and apps, why buy apple if you think you are the I am a strong woman because my husband in heaven is watching over me shirt don’t have enough food but everyone seems to have an apple phone, why don’t you start agriculture […]

Baltimore and Chicago have the highest homicides in America. I may not have a phD but I do have a DD-214 and the tile u.s navy shirt will sit is Trump that is responsible for this routine homicide in predominantly black neighborhoods. I’m sure that the decades of democratic leadership there have nothing to do […]

Reality? A deliberate cutting back of the I stand with superheroes childhood cancer awareness month shirt and leaving citizens to clean up the mess that they previously paid someone a living wage to do. That’s neoliberalism for you! Trouble is, people are just too daft to see it. Really well done to her that average people […]

I started uni in 2010 and they said then the funding had been approved which was great as I was backward and forwards to Sheffield from Liverpool every week. Here we are in 2019 and not a single improvement has been made it’s a farce. They always keep the I Went For The Head Funny […]

No one cares what you do in your bathroom, that isn’t what this is about. I would have been subject to fines and a criminal record. Having paid those, the only reason my record should be considered is sentencing on any future crime. If a person pays the debt for their crimes, they should not […]

Julie Hanns there was a time when parents would be embarrassed to take the child to the school that wasn’t potty trained or washed and clean. What’s happening to society. Our mums (parents) getting lazy. Too busy on their phones or I’m a February guy have 3 sides quiet & sweet funny & crazy and […]

5 to 15 ppl are in that kitchen you are counting on every single one of them not to have a human error that can hurt your son. You are saying he should not eat at restaurants he had the right to live his life. Restaurants should be safe I have a family member who has […]

In the three years since the referendum, If my mouth doesn’t say it my face definitely will shirt has not done one single news item/program on the benefits of Brexit, instead, they use our money to peddle their own political wagon. It takes 5 minutes to print a copy of Da Vinci or Picasso, which […]

That is complete bullshit free higher education benefits society rather than having a country full of idiots electing another idiot like Trump. Venezuela’s problem started when the Iron Maiden Friends signature shirt gave them sanctions creating economic hardship. People that are open to hearing a valid arguement understand your meaning. Even if I disagree with […]

Fair enough apart from the interruptions, that’s the presenter’s job when a person. Left  Pc viewpoint is interviewed the presenter more often than is not so forthcoming in challenging their opinions, sometimes letting them talk and not questioning them at all, or sometimes laughing and joking with them that is the fact of the media’s […]

This country has lost its soul, it’s conscious… When killing children and innocent civilians become “Normal” & we as a country have become desensitized to these tragedies something is broken… Have we not went to WAR over countries killing their children and innocents in the It’s Mimosa Not Mimosa Funny Vintage shirt? But somehow we […]

She seems to still hold her position as an MSP. Maybe she’ll now get around to speaking with constituents instead of regurgitating shite at her branch office of the Jack Skellington and Joker shirt. Let’s have more of it from our Cabinet Ministers who are supposedly opposed to this action. These people are gambling with […]