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I have spent many years studying in the Jack Skellington and Pennywise shirt. It’s not a coincidence that the generator exploded the moment it made contact with the lightning bolt. There are powerful forces at work in this equation. Well, it depends how long it will take before fixing it but we in Nigeria we […]

Mmm, the nutritional advisor is a member of the Meat Advisory Panel. Seems to just be an example of misleading propaganda for meat eaters to justify the Jack skellington hug pabst blue ribbon pumpkin shirt and slaughter of billions of sentient farm animals. Interesting that the vitamin in question is in numerous and affordable plant-based […]

I am grateful my parents would serve me the same plate I didn’t want for dinner as breakfast, lunch and next day’s dinner until I was so hungry I would eat it anyway. This has made me being able to cook at least 70 different healthy recipes on top of my head without over spending […]

Ah well so my elderly relatives, will not be taken out for an afternoon drive stopping at a coffee shop for cake. How sad this life will become. But don’t despair. All the Jack Skellington whew that was close I almost had to socialize shirt will be exempted from their ‘no driving, no flying, no […]

The 2nd Amendment has nothing at all to do with hunting. I’ll make you a deal: you give up all modern media such as tv, radio, and internet and rely only on 1700’s era printing presses and I’ll go back to single-shot muzzle loading rifle, deal? I thought not. Brian, you’re showing your liberal ignorance […]

I live not too far from st Louis and we see and hear more than it’s being said on Jason Voorhees Camp crystal lake annual fun run run for your life shirt, you would be surprised on some of the things our local newspapers and news media gets about reports, things like this is one […]

It’s because of idiots like you that nothing will change and other innocents people will die. Secondly, if people are forced to buy weapons on the black market and if it’s incredibly difficult to obtain them legally (for all the 2A nutjobs that won’t pay close enough attention, I didn’t say ban just now did […]

 Take a real look at the world and check out the real problems. Too much tax is made from smoking so it will never be banned. Also, many people throw their dog ends on the ground even when they are next to a bin. Everyone should watch this awesome interview with presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. […]

Less pollution will cut down on pollution-related deaths such as asthma and cancer. Less meat will also help with cancer and heart disease, taking the strain off of healthcare so the resources we have can be used more effectively. It goes to show that true conservatism as exemplified by the Johnson government and those who […]

Shame you, you guys. So ..out of how many weddings in the whole country …was it this type of thing happened? So, why is it so blown all out of proportion and why is it even news? Oh, to create resentment, renew bitterness and feelings of racism. It’s like fanning a flame from make […]

British history but I’m sure being criticized on Justin Verlander where the fuck is toro shirt by Gordon Fairburn will be what gives him the most pain and sleepless nights. I’d just like to thank Mogg for his great contribution to getting his government defeated by virtue of his arrogant. And the patronizing address to […]

I got a radical solution for you. Unify the island under the EU flag. No need for a backstop if Northern Ireland becomes part of Ireland as it always should have been. He’s acting tough knowing we help prop up his economy and Greece’s. Keanu Reeves Saint Reeves patron saint of puppies shirt To leave […]

You want out fully understanding the Keanu Reeves The Man The Myth The Legend Signature Shirt that were not set out originally to the voting public or do you want out because you ‘won’ and that’s what you voted for so that’s what should happen and screw the consequences? We didnt vote to leave with […]

She had not learned the first lesson and must pay the consequences. She has been misbehaving on the show having sex on a live tv show, I wonder why she left good pay UK job for #bbn just because she wants to get popularity, no one knows she was a police officer until yesterday. Nigerian […]

I suppose that at 42 mph I was still a bit over the former limit so I paid up and put that one down to experience. I still travel along that stretch of road 3 or 4 times a month but stick to the 30 mph limit often much to the Kuzco Llama no sir […]

China wants to build a seaport in Bangladesh but Bangladesh didn’t agree so they push Rohingya into Bangladesh now India wants to keep pressure in Bangladesh so they playing politics with Assamese people. They have to prove they were living here before 1971 almost 50 years from now.this action reminds me of your ancestor Hitler […]

Well, I do not think their products are that low priced. Mostly everything is made in China. The US has to start manufacturing our products so we become self-sufficient and NOT depend on China for our supplies. We lost far too many companies while China grew more prosperous. I hope you are not in line […]

Who knows what to believe coming out of the White House. Unfortunately, it can’t be ignored most of the time. Basically, he does not have a viable administration and thus should be removed from office because he is not capable of doing the job.  The United States still has a game card (Joker) to play […]

Many people work those hours also and it is a nightmare getting an appointment! I have never understood why we have NHS healthcare which is free, but it costs a fortune to care for your teeth and also your eyes? As a parent, I’d be ashamed of myself if my young children had to have […]

Darren Ward, are you drinking? The backstop has nothing to do with the Hood Friday Agreement. Parliament does not want a hard boarder there is no need. Watch who you’re calling an idiot! The problem with the backstop is that it would keep us in the MABA make Alexandria Bartend again shirt and the customs […]

Greg Easton no I just care for decent humans not everyone deserves sympathy, but most democrats won’t understand that commenting crimes isn’t how one lives, that you should not live off others’ pain! Michael Sexton Putting people in jail is better than murdering them, if you don’t agree with that I can’t change your mind, […]

It’s despicable, and not at all helpful! I should have been killed about 10 times when I was young I was just lucky the things I got up to so people should think about this before they post stupid comments that wee boy I hope I am wrong got unlucky doing something with his dad […]

The government should start with deconstructing the Michael Jordan baseball signature shirt, moving all homes to electric, and decommissioning all fossil fuel power stations. Sort out industry pollution levels, move towards more sustainable energy usage, stop flying yourselves around the world ironically for climate meetings and stop making the general public responsible for a much […]

I can honestly say people in my town are using the Mickey and Friends Glow In The Dark Moon shirt all over the town to never see any on the ground. This is one of my biggest pet peeves people who fling their filthy butts where ever they please. Filtered cigarettes do not disintegrate. There […]

What should be noted however is that during that period of history the Minnesota Vikings Legends Signatures shirt working individual in Europe was also experiencing appalling living conditions with little ability to change their lot. A factory worker in the mills of the North had a brutal, miserable and short life, do we now say […]

We are already tracked by our bank cards, vehicle registration marks, computers, prescriptions, and mobile phones. Even this comment is being monitored, we are not allowed to show dissent or opine on things that really matter. So it’s nice to know that those nice men in suits and uniforms are concerned for our safety. Public […]

Is it any wonder that half the country is so opposed to a hard Brexit when there is no attempt to bring remainers along for the ride? Yes, some are die-hard remainers who will accept nothing but staying in the EU, but plenty would accept something like a Norway arrangement, which would be good enough […]

Most nutrition consultants like Derbyshire are up to their necks in beef and dairy industry money otherwise they couldn’t make a living. We need to eat fewer animal products, there’s nothing to debate about this other than how we make it happen. Among the highest sources of choline in the My Broomstick Runs On Beer […]

Pereira but the next 10 years India will destroy in 16 parts and Hindu extremist inda will be poor than another world. You cheap Hindu mentality always feel pride but looser remember 1000 years ago you are slave nation under Muslims umpire and one-day history must be repeated. It’s shocking how much an international level […]

First of all, thousands were wrongfully taken from teachers with PGCE loans who were working in the state sector. Because the My my my I will find you vintage shirt and then claimed they hadn’t been informed when teachers moved schools (even when you gave them proof of delivery) next, you were off the scheme […]

I have nothing to lose and you and the united nations right now have everything to lose so you carry on against me I can see things are not right across the My sister has the best brother ever shirt and make it look normal when I’m around. You people are hanging on to threads […]

Just for once I’d like to engage with someone who voted Brexit who has a coherent strategy for severing the existing ties in a way that safeguards British people living in the Never Underestimate A Woman Who Understands Football and Love Seattle Seahawks shirt and avoids abrogating the Good Friday agreement. Perhaps today will be […]

We live in harmony. Come to the No one will ever ever ever love you more than Jesus and your dog shirt I will show you how to live with different cultures. Godfrey Dominic Pereira In 10 years you provide toilets to Indians. You take care of millions and millions who live slums hungry homeless […]

Without doubt, this action by the Indian occupation forces will reinvigorate the freedom movement. India has greatly helped to highlight its illegal occupation and flagrant violations of the UN resolutions to allow the People of Kashmir the right to self-determination. No matter how the Indian government or its supporters try to sell this illegal move, […]

However, I have concerns that a significant rise in the number of people under 30 doing it is alarming. Are they escaping something? Or they just fed up with the insecurity they face in life? Heartbreaking. Brainwashing by YouTube. Those poor parents; the father can never hug his daughter again and looks distraught, the mother […]

Seems to me the social worker haters on here have personal experience of needing unwanted support or being reported as having a child at risk… not exactly unbiased views. Many, many children are alive and living safer lives because they had a social worker in their corner. We need more social workers. The Orange is […]

Poor kid just wanted to go out for his 18th birthday with his mates and just be normal. And loads of people ranting and raving about it being his fault need to remember what they were like on their 18th birthday. Just a kid. I work in a bakery..I explain that everything is produced on […]

That is what the people of this country voted for – to leave the EU. Don Evans Yes and that is their job but not to go against the wishes of the electorate. We voted to leave and the majority of MP’s are trying to stop us leaving. They are the very MP’s that voted […]

You will have lots of company because frankly, shoppers are all less safe in there now; removing the surprise element of the “good guy with a gun” is not something that can be measured, except, sadly, in hindsight, after someone takes advantage of the vacuum. William Hutchinson All law-abiding citizens are the militia. We can’t […]

Should keep a better check on your finances. Ridiculous that they keep taking the money & should add interest if doing it for too long. The Philadelphia 76ers 1946 2019 thank you for the memories shirt must be doing well if they can afford not to worry about their outgoings. I’m in the US. One […]