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What do I have to be concerned about, I’m committing no offence. Who cares if the Metro operators know I’m there? A shop perhaps, doing some shopping, committing no crimes, why do I care if Tesco knows I’m there? Passing through security at Newcastle Airport, the Pompeii fun run AD 79 vintage shirt knows I’m […]

My daughter has an auto immune condition. She is not permitted to have the injection due the fact it is a live vaccine. This means they inject a small dose of the virus to build the immune system. So as a result until she is disease free for at least two years, she can’t have […]

BA always-on news, if Red Sox and Corgi aren’t flying to Edinburgh instead of Düsseldorf, the workers union are complaining about less pay or the technical faults are delaying a lot of their flights. Life must really be tough for BA these days, always something wrong happening for an airline that was once top class! […]

After all, we are all too old, too ignorant, too racists, not forgetting far-right extremists, to even deserve a vote! Do you mean like those lies? He is a new PM he needs to have a queen’s speech. The same people now complaining were moaning it had been too long since the queen’s speech! They […]

Nobody in this country trusts our government to do the right thing so we hold a gun to their heads to keep them in line. That’s America! That’s freedom. The citizens run the country, not the Run afc shirt. Where else would you like to live? And we do police ourselves and nothing is perfect […]

Wavering on Brexit only decreases our chances of ever provoking the EU into a more compromising stance. It’s a very sad state-of-affairs that Johnson has been forced to prorogue Parliament as the only workable means of inhibiting the self-defeating actions of our own government. By trying to remove the possibility of no deal, Remainers are […]

However many people objected because of A: the amount they were going to charge for them and B: the amount of personal data about you that the San Francisco 49ers girl I am who I am your approval isn’t needed shirt to store on the chip. The reason travel insurance is so cheap is being […]

Get your facts right or you are only going to be corrupt! Sudarshana Ganguli the thing is that not even the Brazilian media new about the extent. The fires (because is the dry season they would normally be a couple of fires) so nobody until a week ago notices the extent. It is not that […]

Of course, I recognize that it’s a terrible, no good habit. Quit for 3 years until my vaping company went out of business. I haven’t gotten around to finding an alternative. Smoking is a disgusting habit. It doesn’t start out as an addiction. I wish people would realize the damage it causes before they start […]

The UK has three times the amount at 11.97 murders per million, with a population of just 65 million. Import third world people import their values too. We need to take a leaf out of the countries that have learned to say no and in turn, protecting their people AND their culture. Michael Sexton Pretending […]

Plenty of “correct, natural” people out there more than glad to make your life hell simply because they can. Meanwhile, every footballer with common sense will never “come out” because Simpsons Don’t Cry For Me I’m Already Dead Vintage shirt would rather be remembered for being good at football rather than as a token model […]

It’s put in place because of anti vaxxers, not because vaccines are dangerous . The absolute worst reaction I’ve ever heard to a vaccine is a rare allergy to a preservative, for example something based on egg proteins. If you are referring to me you are completely wrong, my kids and my grandchildren all got […]

Investment in existing lines would be more beneficial. The money saved would be better spent updating and modernizing the current system, rather than knocking down villages and carving out great chunks of the countryside just so that a few people can get to London a bit quicker. If we’re going to invest in the railways, […]

That is not the case now. You lost the Leave argument as soon as the facts became known. It’s sadly become an article of faith for you lot – you’re no better than religious fundamentalists, and your bible is the Daily Mail and Express. You are nationalists, not patriots. The economy won’t crash, Squad Backstreet […]

MPs are trying to protect the public from their own stupidity and the fact that outside agencies: Murdoch, Cambridge Analytica etc….can influence people’s decisions on something so important so easily.  The Sun Tzu Stay strapped or get clapped shirt is invalid too because the remain campaign had the time to debate those issues, and now […]

Stop whining, and get out there and use public transport in the Supernatural 2005 2020 15 seasons 327 episodes signature shirt. That would be a massive start! What an excellent and easy solution! Cars are luxury humankind can do without. Humans have survived on earth for millions of years without cars and only one sh0rt […]

You are suggesting that because the Government has allowed crime to escalate, our police to be underfunded and where known jihadis allowed back into this country without censure, that the rest of us should now agree to facial recognition CCTV to combat this? Have you not read what is happening in China where this technology […]

The backstop must go and May’s disastrous Withdrawal Agreement must be radically revised if a mutually beneficial agreement is to be reached that can get through Parliament, even this Parliament of Remainers. Boris: “We want to leave with no deal but blame you, so I’m going to demand the removal of the Irish backstop, dissolving […]

Give me an adamant remainer and an adamant leaver and both would say the they is biased against their view. If the Team Horror Drinking Heineken Shirt report that the head of the Bank of England says that Brexit will be an economic disaster or that Farage has said in a speech that politicians are […]

Kirby Styles you’re not a lawyer so cut The Amazing All-Might shirt. Copy-pasting isn’t knowledge. My knowledge of immigration law comes from personal experience of going through it. If my family could come here legally so can others. No one is above the law and illegals shouldn’t be given a free pass for trying to […]

Now the specter of Trump’s America has raised it head I’m even more concerned! The UK was and always has been an integral part of the EU, in the top five wealthy countries and there has never been a Bill or change within the EU laws that we have not voted on or instigated because […]

I m not going to talk to you anymore Dan, you are deliberately being obtuse and you have no idea what it is like to have a child with special needs. When you do have an idea, get back to me. Just an idea but before commenting on an issue, maybe you should educate yourself […]

She’s rich, she’s famous, and she’s white. The laws that apply to those who aren’t, do not apply to her. This is what privilege looks like, and it is shameful. Huffman was sentenced to 14 days in jail on Friday for her role in the college admissions scandal, as federal prosecutors sought to send a […]

Craig Evans Newsflash! The aid people like you think so much of is actually pittance in comparison to what was historically siphoned (and to some extent still continues till today) That aid is so insignificant it doesn’t even get to the people they’re intended for. African countries are led by fools else they’d demand these […]

It’s at least dishonest and at best they should be deselected. That way the constituents can vote for someone that will vote with there will. We live in a parliamentary democracy, not a majority democracy this means you have to look at the bigger picture the vote was almost split as equal with a smaller […]

What damage has been done? We haven’t even left yet !! Do you believe every prediction you read? If so, according to many the world has supposedly ended multiple times throughout history !! As it happens, I voted to remain, because the young people around me said it was their future & they wanted to […]

So he and Corbyn are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. I was brought up to believe that labour was for the working classes, they voted out, this man is using the There is no place like terra shirt for his own empowerment and his self-worth, he’d be a nothing without them and still […]

I would love nothing more than to see my son eat different foods. People who believe eating fruits and vegetables don’t do any good should read the There’s no crying in surgery vintage shirt. The parents allowed their son to eat only junk food or whatever he wanted. Now the kid pays the price. He’ll […]

Clay Kennedy yes the Tommy Kahnle Yankees Savages shirt are available so these people should apply for a working visa and enter the workforce legally. Just because jobs are available doesn’t give illegals the right to bypass our immigration system. She is 11 years old and did nothing wrong. Many of these children are U.S. […]

The irony, hypocrisy, and stupidity positively dripping. I voted to remain, I lost the vote, but I respect our democracy enough to accept and champion the Toucan toucan’t touch this shirt that a result should be honored regardless of whether it was what I voted for. It’s called being a grown-up in a democracy. And […]

Alfred Sammut Democracy was observed, the vote became legally binding in the Lords. So when you’ve finished obfuscating with patronizing, get an adult to explain things to you. Your empty protestations are merely a result of having lost the vote. It’s pathetic. Also was the Trump Censored Dude Gotta Go Shirt based on lies from […]

Now, not only the community loses that money but these citizen children have to be cared for; foster care and other means of public assistance. If I were to list pros vs cons I’d say there are many more pros to these families remaining, set them up with a path towards legal residency and cite/fine […]

That’s my understanding. When a person is at a high level it is when he has to be very careful because you have a lot to lose if you fall but when you are an ordinary man there is no much to fear about.  Never take for granted what you have. One day you can […]

Bull, that’s how these farts get paid. What about the 7 decades of neglect and no development. Political dynasties of Abdullah’s and Muftis. 8 million were holding 120 million to ransom when the issue of secession was settled in 1972. Let em fight Indian rule, we will kill em. The amount of Hindus supporting it […]

This old mindset of endless growth and expansion of markets and Vintage Beavis are you threatening me shirt is what needs to change. If it doesn’t then us inhabitants of planet earth will pay the price.  Amazon is not the lungs of the world, marine beings do it, but the forest plays an important role […]

Or is it that this is driven from racism toward the historical empire that long ago died just like so many others in history.  Its also important to note that the word slave comes from the word slave, as in the Slavic (white) people who lived in eastern Europe and were enslaved by Muslim armies […]

More than 500,000 more people voted to leave than remain and that was with all the remain MPs spewing their love for the EU and how we needed to be part of the biggest criminal gang in the world so dry your eyes and pull your big boy socks up there’s a good boy. You […]

And listened to me when I was upset and struggling and gave me advice on how to deal with my self she got me counseling and a family support worker she did all she could and finally a week before Xmas last year she closed my case I was sad to see her go she […]

Sadly we live in a society where people state their circumstances have befallen them due to, Religion, Race or Gender. To get, as they see it, a more effective Police response! When all said and done and crime has been committed and proved, but not charged as reported the Without farmers we’d all be naked […]

May this project be available worldwide, so that this idea can benefit both animals and people who need to heal. I suggest reaching out to animal shelters and donate dogs or cats that are in danger of being euthanized be offered. I love the Without Lineman You’re Just Playing Catch Shirt that my people from […]