Every uninsured person just goes to the Bud Light Texas shirt and those costs are passed on to the paying public insurance plans. Do we have enough doctors/hospitals to sustain 330 million people? How much would these doctors earn? Medicare pays what maybe 60% of the tab. Would there be fewer doctors? But I won’t need to ask some random at a computer figuring out algorithms for prior authorization for procedures I need. More to think about than just taxes.

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Access to decent medical care and services is a right. You’ll save a significant amount of money. The tax won’t be anywhere near the Bud Light Texas shirt of money you currently spend on private health insurance, not to mention the fact that practically all services will be free at the point of access. If we take the multi-million dollar pay and marketing budgets out of healthcare.

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I’d bet that we could pay for it with a Bud Light Texas shirt that is less than a monthly insurance premium. We’re not just going to be able to get free medical attention to everybody in the country without putting money into it. Heck if you work for a company and they pay for part of your insurance you pay for the other part. You can’t just go to the company and say sorry I’m not going to pay my half.