My children are respectful little humans and my husband and I expect that out of them!! They have gotten spankings. I got spanked as a kid. My husband got spanked as a kid. It is sometimes necessary and it works. My kid got her swats and she’s respectful well mannered, never gets in trouble at school. A Cat on Iron Throne shirt of course, now that she’s older she gets the dreaded lectures, here is a time & a place.

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You don’t want to teach them that hitting is an ok thing to do any time they are in trouble otherwise when they are upset with someone the way they perceive you to be upset with them they, A little pat on the butt never hurt a kid, you don’t have to beat them, just let them know you are serious about the Cat on Iron Throne shirt at hand. From my experience, if you use it wisely & properly you won’t need to do it when they get into their tweens! That’s why there is no morality, conscience or respect.

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Spare the rod and spoil the child. Spank with a reason and not brutality. Many know it works spanked my kids. Discipline is the Cat on Iron Throne shirt of raising respectful adults. The lack of discipline is why we have generations of disrespectful rude people who think they are entitled to everything have no concern for anyone but themselves.