It’s also legal for certain amount melamine in baby formula. You know what they make those super scrubbers and some plastic dishes out of. In your baby formula. So does most fast food. I see people making burgers and such all the Disney Kings landing shirt with no gloves. Best you can do is hope they wash their hands but that’s no guarantee so(this content belong to MyFrogtee). No telling how many burgers have been made after someone wiped, picked their nose or off and didn’t wash their hands or put on gloves. At least you can cook the bacteria off or out of uncooked meat.

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I would like to know how sliced meat and bulk meat have fecal matter on it, do they dip their knives in it? Then they had better start labeling all canned veggies, peanut butter, jellies, honey, fig newtons, frozen fruits and veggies, and other products with the warning that may contain insect parts and feces. So should every surface in public be labeled too? The government allows for a Disney Kings landing shirt while small amt of dirt and such too!

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Disney Kings landing Tank top

Tank top

I wash chicken in a chicken plant that has been on the floor or that Disney Kings landing shirt has fed in it from the kill plant! In other news, our air contains particles of nano-plastics that land on our dinner plates while we eat. So your turd covered meat and veggies are also covered in plastic. Soon it’ll be legal for employees not to wash their hands when cutting up deli meat or serving food at restaurants.