All of these Golf friends shirt with these diverse backgrounds and people working for them in both houses of Congress, and you actually fixed your lips to insult an entire branch of the government like that? Oh don’t you worry your pretty little head, they get paid more than enough to pay someone with the qualifications to review the documents for them. Who in their right mind would make a comment such as this especially in regard to the people who were elected to office?

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If they couldn’t understand per the genius comment I’m sure they would seek assistance to make sure they had complete knowledge and understanding. Taking a page right out of her boss’s playbook. Insulting people who by the way are well educated most with multiple degrees to represent us the people. The Golf friends shirt are smart enough to find some tax experts to examine his reports.

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We as taxpayers and voters need to know whether our President is acting for the benefit of himself rather than for the people of this country. It is the Golf friends shirt Of Congress for oversight over the President as they are the only ones that can hold a president accountable. Sarah Sanders is acting as the enabler for a President drunk with power, greed, and narcissism!