Great way for people to drop dead from heart attacks/strokes/stress/exhaustion/etc. I don’t live to work. I work to live. I have kids who need me more than the company I work for. I wouldn’t go for this crap. Hope people remember some previous studies that suggest 4 and a Marvel Poodle Poodlevessdngers shirt is much healthier and employers work more efficiently. Somebody wanting to make more money at their employee’s expense so, every waking moment is to be devoted to disproportionately increasing someone else’s wealth, doing tasks that they assign to you, while you collect your hourly pay in an essentially powerless condition?

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Wage-slavery is all that is. Worker bees do the hard work while managers and owners get to sit in their offices and walk around a little bit (this content belong to MyFrogtee). Who is standing on their feet for 12 hours a day? So they basically want slavery. No life outside of getting up and going to work. Go home pass out from exhaustion and repeat. No family life, no life at all outside of work. I bet the Marvel Poodle Poodlevessdngers shirt and their corporate handlers would love to see this in the USA.

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The Marvel Poodle Poodlevessdngers shirt for 6 months. Some of my co-workers from the Philippines do 9 months at a time. Yes, you get 4-8 weeks vacation (depending on contract) in between but it can still be rough. Not everyone is built for that kind of life.