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As is, we eat out a lot less. It’s stressful just seeing the wait staff trying to figure it out, knowing if they’re wrong I’m going to be Top Chucky Free hugs shirt. Does the family deserve to be able to safely eat on vacation? Sure. But… People these days have no ideas on how foods are made. Restaurants who make an entire meal from scratch are more likely to give accurate allergen info. Restaurants who buy their buttermilk, mayo, etc may not. The problem is mass-produced food can contain or just be near food that can contaminate other food. If you don’t want to scour a huge menu with all ingredients, you have to take control. I have a nut allergy, you wouldn’t believe what products have nuts hidden or have been produced in a factory that process food that “may contain nuts” or “produced in a factory that prepare nuts” even everyday items like peppercorns have this on the label. It’s not as simple as a list of ingredients.

Top Chucky Free hugs shirt

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Ahem, no, they shouldn’t. If their allergies are severe enough that it limits what they can eat, then they cannot eat everywhere. I have severe allergies to cows and horses, so does that mean I should be able to go to a ranch and go horseback riding and demand that the rancher provides a hypoallergenic horse? I also have a severe allergy to perfumes etc, does that mean that a restaurant must ensure that no patron enters their restaurant wearing perfume? I used to work in an office with hundreds of women who would bathe in the stuff and it was hell for me. No, it isn’t simple at all because although the meal may not contain the risk ingredients it may have been contaminated in production or in transit or storage. It is far from simple! I regularly shop at a Bakery chain here Top Chucky Free hugs shirt. If I ever ask about ingredients (my stepson has a nut allergy), the server will immediately print out a list of the ingredients in the item I’m enquiring about.

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